Point of Sale Solutions
Point of Sale
LINDY offers complete end-to-end solutions for distributing high resolution AV content to one or more displays efficiently and reliably over large distances. more...

Competition for consumers in retail is fierce. It is becoming more and more popular to use physical shopping events as a strategy for standing out from increasingly dominant online store technologies. To be able to offer customers an intensive, personalised shopping experience, AV and digital signage is an important instrument in retail sales. Using intensive audio visual stimulation, the production content such as the size and width of the display, the message, images and acoustics, addresses the customer at precisely that moment he/she enters the sales area. This content can also accompany them through the entire purchase process. The modular AV matrix switch offers a suitable solution by allowing AV marketing content to be transmitted centrally and simultaneously to various displays with individual brand or marketing messages via a centralised control room.

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